YouTube Show and Tell Tag

I’m always looking for fun tags to try on my YouTube channel – I mean who doesn’t love getting made up and then talking about themselves in front of a camera!? Usually I just Google “Fun tags” or something unoriginal like that. BUT, this one I actually found on one of my favorite YouTuber’s channel – Zoella. You can find her video here! I thought this had some good questions and I had a lot of fun filming this video – more fun than usual!


Here are some links and other channels I mention in the video:

Zoella’s original video:
My first video:
My vlog:
Jaclyn Hill’s Channel:
Emily Norris’ Channel:

Get to Know Me

I am constantly trying to grow my YouTube channel as well as my blog. As I result, I am trying to help my current subscribers and potential subscribers get to know me better. This was a fun tag that I found on a blog called rootreport. You can find it here! Some of the questions were different from typical questions I’ve seen in other tags, and it was fun to film! Enjoy learning a bit more about me!

After you check out my video, make sure to go to the original blog where I found this to find the questions!

Doing My Sister’s Makeup

Today’s post is a super fun one, because I get to do my sister’s makeup on camera! She loves makeup (although probably not as much as I do) and was excited to have her makeup done with some of the products that I have and she doesn’t. Enjoy this fun video, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and let me know any other fun tags!

A to Z About Me

I’ve seen this tag floating around the internet for a few years and I thought I would contribute my version of it! I won’t lie, it was hard to come up with things for some letters (x, seriously???) but i did the best I could. Enjoy!

A Active I play on a few leagues with my friends and I enjoy having something to do in the evening. I play kickball and volleyball. I am not particularly good at either.

B Book Lover I LOVE READING. I find it relaxing and enjoyable. I read YA books as well as “adult” books. Some people find reading boring, but i love picturing the stories in my mind.

C College Graduate I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in early childhood and childhood education with a concentration in human development in 2015. Then, I continued on at the same college and got my master’s in Literacy. Obviously, I have become a teacher!

D Dogs I feel as though my life is not complete without a pet dog in my life. I have a pug, Lola, who still lives at my parents house. She is absolutely obsessed with my dad so I could never make her leave and live with me. I am also currently looking to adopt a black lab from some local shelters. Finders crossed!

E Eyes I have blue eyes and I really enjoy the color. All eye colors are beautiful of course, i just think it’s interesting to see what color people have!

F Favorite Color My favorite color is pink. Always have been, always will be.

G Girlfriend I have a boyfriend, which makes me a girlfriend. We have been dating for two and a half years and recently moved into a gorgeous apartment together. I’m very happy with our relationship now!

H Height I am only 5’1”. There are very few benefits of being this short, except that I can fit into kids clothes which are usually cheaper.

I Introvert I’ve always been shy but I didn’t realize until recently that I’m just an introvert and that’s okay! I like being by myself a lot, but I also enjoy hanging out with other people sometimes.

J Jogger Every few years I decide that I’m going to be a runner. I take out Runners World from the library and run about a mile on the treadmill two times a week for two weeks. Being a runner is hard! Any advice on starting running and actually sticking with it would be appreciated!

K Kindergarten Teacher This past year I completed my first year of teaching as a kindergarten teacher. Kindergartners are loud and full of energy, but I love teaching them!

L Leggings I would wear leggings every single day if it was appropriate. Especially those LuLaRoe ones – so comfy!

M Makeup Lover If you couldn’t tell from my blog and YouTube channel I love playing around with makeup. I’ve gotten some new makeup recently so I’m hoping to do some first impression posts!

N Neat I like to consider myself to by a pretty neat person. I guess you’d have to see my house to really believe me!

O Organized Going along with neat, I like to keep things organized. I especially am very good at keeping my work organized at work.

P Pasta-Eater Pasta is definitely my favorite food. I love all kinds of sauce and shapes of pasta. Basically, I would eat pasta every day if it wouldn’t mean I would blow up.

Q Quiet What I mean by this is that I have a very quiet voice. I’m getting better at raising my voice level, but when I was younger everyone was always telling me to speak up.

R Right-handed This seems obvious, but I write and do pretty much everything with my right hand.

S Snail Mom I have four pet snails that live in an aquarium in my bedroom. Their names are Fiora, Evangeline, Stella, and Lila. Snails are the best pet ever and I found mine in a field!

T Traveler Like most people, I enjoy traveling. When I was younger I went to Europe three times. I’ve traveled cross-country twice, and my family visits Florida every year. Travel while you can!

U Underwear Color I’m wearing blue flowered underwear right now, in case you were curious.

V Vegetables I Like I actually really enjoy eating vegetables. I especially like brussels sprouts, broccoli, green beans, and green peppers.

W Wine I love wine! Especially Merlot and Malbec. If you ever need a gift idea for me…

X X-Rays Like most normal people I’ve had a few x-rays in my life time. Most recently I’e had my teeth x-rayed at the dentist.

Y Youtube Watcher and Creator  I’ve been making YouTube videos for about two years (I’m Camille Pearl on YouTube), but I’ve been watching YouTube videos for about five years.

Z ZZZ’s I need a lot of sleep. I really only feel awake after at least 9 hours of sleep. However, my career doesn’t really allow that during the school year.

I hope that was interesting for you! Feel free to do your own version of this and tag me on your blog!