Spider Plant Gift

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Spider Plant Gift

Plants make a great gift, especially plants that you have grown yourself! Spider plants are easy to care for (I used to kill every plant I owned and even I can’t kill a spider plant) and make a nice addition to a room. I’ve heard that you should have something living (like a plant) in every room! Spider plants grow little babies (the technical term, obviously) and once they are big enough, the babies can be repotted to make more spider plants.

When I graduated from high school, my French teacher gave everyone in the class a small potted spider plant that she had cut off her own plant. It was such a small, easy gift but so thoughtful! I still have my spider plant and have potted little spider plant babies for my family and friends. You can also find spider plants for sale on Amazon.

Large spider plant

For my Mom’s birthday this year I decided to give her a small spider plant baby that my plant had been growing. I bought a pot and decided to decorate it by painting it. Here is how I did it!

Paint Your Pot

Satin acrylic paint - Atlantis
Painting the top rim of the pot teal

Paint the pot. You may want to use a few layers of paint. I use this acrylic paint. You might want to wait until the first coat dries before applying the second. I wish I had used tape to make a cleaner line on my paint but I think it turned out cute anyway!

Painted pot with breakfast

Make yourself breakfast. Planting is exhausting work!

Put dirt/compost in

Miracle gro potting mix
Pouring dirt into pot

Put soil in the pot, almost until the top. I used miracle grow potting soil. If you compost, use that soil as it is rich in nutrients for the plant.

Dig a small hole. The plant baby is probably very small so a small hole will be good.

Cutting off a regrowth off the main plant

Cut the spider plant baby. I include about an inch of the stem too, just be sure not to hurt the spider plant baby.


Patting down the soil around the plant

Place it in the soil and cover.

Finished product - spider plant in pot

Admire your thoughtful homemade gift!

Someday the plant that you gave someone might grow babies that they can give as a gift. The gift that keeps on giving! Happy planting!

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