Planting Spider Plants

Plants make a great gift, especially plants that you have grown yourself! Spider plants are easy to care for (I used to kill every plant I owned and even I can’t kill a spider plant) and make a nice addition to a room. I’ve heard that you should have something living (like a plant) in every room! Spider plants grow little babies (the technical term) and once they are big enough, the babies can be repotted to make more spider plants.

When I graduated from high school, my French teacher gave everyone in the class a small potted spider plant that she had cut off her own plant. It was such a small easy gift but so thoughtful! I still have my spider plant and have potted little spider plant babies for my family and friends.


For my Mom’s birthday this year I decided to give her a small spider plant baby that my plant had been growing. I bought a pot and decided to decorate it by painting it. Here is how I did it!

IMG_0413 (4)IMG_0421Paint the pot. You may want to use a few layers of paint. I suggest waiting until the first coat dries before applying the second. I wish I had used tape to make a cleaner line on my paint but I think it turned out cute anyway!

IMG_0424Make yourself breakfast. Planting is exhausting work!

IMG_0416 (3)IMG_0429Put soil in the pot, almost until the top. If you compost, use that soil as it is rich in nutrients for the plant.

Dig a small hole. The plant baby is probably very small so a small hole will be good.

IMG_0433Cut the spider plant baby. I include about an inch of the stem too, just be sure not to hurt the spider plant baby.

IMG_0437Place it in the soil and cover.

IMG_0444 (6)Admire your thoughtful homemade gift!

Someday the plant that you gave someone might grow babies that they can give as a gift. The gift that keeps on giving! Happy planting!

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