Self-Care During Self-Isolation

Bored and stuck at home in self-isolation? Me too! Like I said in my previous post, ideas for adults stuck at home, it can be hard to come up with things that keep you occupied, happy, and sane. I gave some great ideas on activities to try that you might not have thought of. Except, I completely forgot about self-care! Something I’m always talking about! So, I’ve decided to create a list and FREE PRINTABLE of 15 ways that you can practice self-care during self-isolation.

Self-care during self-isolation

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Self care isn't selfish

Self-Care During Self-Isolation Ideas

1. Use up face/body products

If you have a few face masks or bath bombs that you’ve been saving for a rainy day, now is the time to use them! You know you have time to sit on the couch and watch TV with a face mask. Or lie in the bathtub until you’re pruney. So, you might as well us them!

self-care by taking a bath

2. Practice something new on your hair

My whole life, I’ve wanted to learn how to do a french braid. It’s definitely not something I have time in the morning before work to learn. However, now would be a great time to find a YouTube tutorial and practice, practice, practice! I might even find time to do a hair mask.

3. FaceTime with family and friends

Although you might not be able to visit, you can still take the time to enjoy “hanging out” with your family and friends. Schedule a time now!

4. Take a nap

Not gonna lie, I’ve taken a nap every day since I started self-isolation. And it has been great! I’m definitely well-rested and my dog enjoys the naps as much as I do!

5. Find a funny TV show to watch

Now this one, you do have to be careful with. If you’re the type of person who binges TV all day every day, this might not be the healthiest form of self-care for you. But, if you’ve been meaning to watch a TV show, now’s a great time to get started! You can find some funny episodes here.

Man and woman watching TV

6. Find something to do while you watch TV

Instead of just sitting there staring at your screen, find something to do so you can multitask! I love knitting while I watch something. You might try coloring in an adult coloring book or doing sodoku puzzles!

7. Organize something

While I don’t find the process of organizing to be self care personally, the feeling I get after organizing is awesome. I would definitely consider standing back and looking at your organized closet, pantry, drawers a form of self- care!

8. Get creative with a meal

You might have stocked up on lots of pasta and canned goods during your time of self-isolation. Try and make your own recipe out of what you have! You might fail and have to eat a terrible meal (you’ll survive) or you might find a new favorite recipe!

9. Create a vision/goal board

Are these cheesy? Yes. Are they fun to make? Yes. Are they inspiring to look at on a bad day? Yes. You don’t have to share this with anyone, but decide your vision for the rest of the year now.

10. Take a walk

Even though we’re encouraged to stay away from people, doesn’t mean we have to stay cooped up inside our houses. I’ve tried to take at least 2 walks with my dog everyday and it has been refreshing for both of us.

Take a walk for self-care

11. Make a new playlist or find a new podcast

I love how on Apple Music it sends you a new playlist every Friday of songs that are similar to ones you’ve been playing recently. It’s a great way to find songs you might not hear on the radio or are in the top charts. Or, you might enjoy browsing for a new podcast to listen to!

12. Re-pot and rejuvenate plants

Even though we move our plants inside for the winter, they never look as great as they could come spring. Some have outgrown their pots and need a new one with new soil. Some need to have compost put on them. Others need to be pruned. There’s lots of things you can do to take care of your plants now so they will be beautiful and healthy.

Re-potting plants

13. Clean out old candles

When my candles come to the end of their lives, I like to clean them out and use them for jars or crafts. Unfortunately, I usually just put used candles under the sink so I can clean them later. Get out all your old candles, remove the wax and up-cycle the jar!

14. Take a break from social media

There is so much scary news right now and going on social media can be depressing. Take a break! Do any of the other things on this list!

15. Get ready every day

Every day, I’ve woken up at a reasonable time, worked out, showered, got dressed, and put on makeup. I’ve felt so much better at being alone but productive in my house. I highly recommend doing things just like you would do on a regular day!

Self-care for self-isolation

What are your suggestions for self-care during self-isolation? Let us know in the comments so we can survive this scary time together and happy.

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