The Best Christmas TV Episodes

If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE list of TV episodes to put you in the Christmas spirit, this is the post for you! This is a list that I wrote in my journal a few years ago. Every year around this time, I pull it out and go through my favorite shows’ Christmas episodes. Most of these are from sitcoms, but I also have a few miscellaneous and new ones at the end. These are the best TV episodes for Christmas so get watching!

The best Christmas TV episodes

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Friends Christmas Episodes

  • Season 1 – The One With The Monkey
  • Season 2 – The One With Phoebe’s Dad
  • Season 3 – The One Where Rachel Quits
  • Season 4 – The One With the Girl From Poughkeepsie
  • Season 6 – The One With The Routine
  • Season 7 – The One With The Holiday Armadillo (this one is my personal favorite!)
  • Season 8 – The One With Ross’s Step Forward

The Office Christmas Episodes

  • Season 2 – Christmas Party
  • Season 3 – Benihana Christmas
  • Season 5 – Moroccan Christmas
  • Season 6 – Secret Santa (my fave)
  • Season 7 – Classy Christmas
  • Season 8 – Christmas Wishes
  • Season 9 – Dwight Christmas

Parks and Rec Christmas Episodes

  • Season 2 – Christmas Scandal
  • Season 4 – Citizen Knope
  • Season 5 – Ron and Diane
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New Girl Christmas Episodes

  • Season 1 – The 23rd
  • Season 2 – Santa
  • Season 4 – LAXmas
  • Season 6 – Christmas Eve Eve

How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes

  • Season 2 – How Lily Stole Christmas
  • Season 4 – Little Minnesota
  • Season 6 – False Positive
  • Season 7 – Symphony of Illumination
  • Season 8 – The Final Page

The Mindy Project Christmas Episodes

  • Season 1 – Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party
  • Season 2 – Christmas Party Sex Trap
  • Season 3 – Christmas
  • Season 4 – When Mindy Met Danny

Miscellaneous Christmas Episodes and TV Movies

Top 32 Christmas TV episodes

Of course this list is probably missing episodes from some of your favorite TV shows, but this is just a starter list of my favorites! I also did a post in October of my favorite Halloween episodes. Let’s help each other get in the Christmas spirit by naming our favorite Christmas TV episodes in the comments!

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