Fall Homeware Wish List

Path through fall leaves

I’ve always loved doing favorites posts and new products post, but I always feel that I don’t buy enough to do these kinds of posts often. After all, I am just a teacher (love the kids, don’t love the salary). So, instead of going out and buying new stuff, I’ve made a list of things that I want, but won’t necessarily buy. A Fall wishlist! However, if you’re looking for some cute Fall homeware items to add to your collection, these are some great ideas!

Home sweet home wreath


The first place I always look for home things is at Target. It’s cheap, cute, and you will always find more than you actually need. Here are some items I found that I would enjoy having in my house this season.

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to decorate without getting too crazy. I love this one for Fall strictly and this one that could be used all year round.

I like to change the wreath on my front door to go along with the holidays and seasons I think this one is adorable, but it’s one that I would use inside. This one would look so cool on our green front door!

Fall homeware would not be complete without some sort of pumpkin, so I found a pink and gold one. Not realistic, but cute anyway!

Four pumpkins in a line


Amazon is another great place to find affordable home decor. Plus, if you have Prime, it’ll be at your house in 2 days.

I love little string things (bunting?) like this. It looks great in a door frame or over a door! Plus this is something you can find for pretty much every holiday.

Speaking of other holidays, this sign is so cool because you can use it for fall and then again for Christmas. So practical!

Basket of leaves and squash

Where are your favorite places to get seasonal homeware? I hope you find some lovely things to brighten up your home for Fall!

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