My Current Workout Routine

As the end of January approaches, you may be finding it difficult to keep up with your New Year’s resolution of exercising more. While I don’t necessarily like resolutions, it is always a good goal to exercise more. I’ve been working out consistently for over a year. I thought I would share my current workout routine to inspire others. I also want to find out my reader’s workout routines! Here’s what has been working for me as my current workout routine.

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My current workout routine

How Often I Workout

I don’t workout every single day of the week. It’s unrealistic for the time I have and how I want to spend it. My routine also changes based on the seasons. In the summer, I can workout every weekday, because I’m off from work. The rest of the year, I need some days off to just come home and relax and not workout. What I’ve found to be the sweet-spot for me right now is 4 days a week. Usually I workout Monday-Thursday, although occasionally I will on Sunday. That gives me 3 rest days. By the end of those rest days I am definitely feeling motivated to get back to working out!

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What Workouts I Do

I like to change it up and do different workouts on different days. I wrote a post about working out last year, and I am still enjoying the same YouTube videos! Lucy Wyndham-Read is my all-time favorite workout instructor on YouTube! She has over 900 free workout videos and she is constantly coming up with new workouts and challenges. She always tries to inspire during her workouts with body positivity quotes, and her British accent is relaxing. I don’t like being yelled at to workout! I’m not affiliated with her in any way – I just truly love her workouts and they work for me! She focuses on short (20 minutes or less) workouts that don’t need any equipment. And you can do them all right in the comfort of your own home!

I’ve set myself up a schedule (and included it as a FREEBIE for you!) that targets different muscle groups on different days. I’ve made them into private playlists on YouTube so I can go back each week. I always start with a warm-up. This is usually just 2 minutes of walking or jogging around my living room. Yes, seriously I do all my working out right in my living room. Anyway, then I do a cardio workout (approximately 10 minutes) and then a strength workout (10 minutes). Over the four days, I do one day of ab strength, one of legs and butt strength, one of arm strength, and then one where I choose whatever. I often post the exact workouts I do on my Pinterest which you can find here.

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Other Workout-Related Stuff

I didn’t want to mention just exercise without also mentioning eating. I don’t limit myself on what I can eat (except when I’m doing this challenge), but I do try to mostly eat healthy. Eating healthy could be a whole post on its own. If you’re not into cooking, try a meal subscription service like Real Eats or Sun Basket.

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My current workout routine

And that’s my current workout routine! What are you doing during the winter to stay motivated to exercise?

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