2020 Blogging Goals

You know me. I am all about setting goals for myself. And like probably everyone else, I am much more likely to actually follow through on those goals if I write them down or tell someone. I’ve already written a few post about goal setting. You can check out my post on monthly goal setting. I’ve written about how to set goals to be productive and get stuff done. I write a lot about productivity and goals! So, to continue with this theme I have going, I thought I would post my 2020 blogging goals and inspire you to make your own (blog goals or otherwise). I’ve put them into a few different categories to separate them a bit. Here are my 2020 blogging goals for myself!

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2020 Blogging Goals

Overall Blogging Goals

Like all bloggers, my number one goal is to increase traffic to my site. I’ve realized over the past few months getting back into blogging, that there are a lot of groups that will help you get views. Mostly, these are facebook groups of other bloggers. Usually you have to go “read” their site, write a comment, like an instagram post, etc. and then they’ll do it back for you. However, if we’re being honest, I’m just not interested in all other blogs and that’s okay! I understand if people aren’t interested in the content I write. So, I want viewers that genuinely are interested in my content. As a result, I’ve slowed down on posting in these “blogging groups” other than to interact with others bloggers. I’m looking for other ways to grow my traffic more organically. I use Pinterest and Bloglovin’ a lot, and I’m working on growing my email list.

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Weekly/Monthly Goals

In my head, I always have a certain number of blog posts that I would like to get up each week. Lately, it’s been 2 posts per week. I try to post on the same day each week, but that doesn’t always happen. However, I have figured out a way to actually accomplish my goals. You’ll never believe what I do. I keep a blog planner. That’s it. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before. I have a planner for teaching, a calendar on the fridge, and I write down my to-dos every day. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to have a separate blog planner!

There are tons of free and paid blog planners that you can find online, but I opted for a free one. It has everything I need to accomplish my weekly and monthly goals. There is a to-do list, a seasonal content planner, a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar, blog post planners, and tons of other free things too! I definitely recommend a planner!

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Social Media Goals

I have a few social media accounts – Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My goals for this year is to increase what I post on all of these accounts. So far the only things I post on Facebook and Twitter are blog posts. So, all I’d really like to do for those accounts is post separate things! I’ve been taking Ell Duclos’ Pinterest course and I’ve already seen a jump on my Pinterest account. I had an instagram that I changed from a personal to a business page, so I’d like to post more frequently on there as well.

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What are YOUR goals?

If you are a blogger, what are your goals for this year? Hopefully we can all build each other up! If you aren’t a blogger, please share what your overall goals for the year are. If you’re anything like me, writing down and telling someone your goals will make you more likely to accomplish them!

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2020 Blogging Goals

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