What I Ate Wednesday – July 27, 2016

This weekend I went to my family’s camp on a lake. We always have such great food and such great times with each other! These pictures are from what I ate one day this past weekend.


For breakfast I had my usual poppy seed bagel toasted with butter. I also had fresh raspberries from my local farmers market. I didn’t have coffee until later that afternoon since we didn’t have any at the camp.


For lunch, we heated up some leftover pizza hut pizza that my parents had eaten for dinner the night before. I just had a slice of cheese pizza and then I had some mini cheddar rice cakes.



We had so much food for dinner! For hors d’oeuvres we had veggies (some from the garden) and cheese with crackers. Then for dinner we had corn on the cob, hot dogs, salmon, rice, and caprese salad that I had made. Everything was so delicious!

Colour Pop – July 2016


I am a huge fan of Colour Pop, and I’ve already posted a haul from a few months ago (Here) but I bought a few more products this month that I’m very excited about! I waited to place my order until Kathleen Lights new collection came out since I wanted a few products from that. Colour Pop is so cheap and they keep coming out with amazing products! If you are just beginning in makeup, are on a budget, or just enjoy high-quality beauty products, I highly checking out their website!

In my last haul, I mentioned that I had bought the brow pencil in Dope Taupe. Well, I finished the whole pencil and I bought another one this time! The shade is perfect for me and I love the natural look it gives my brows. I use it almost every day.

Find it here: Brow Pencil

Next, I picked up the Matte X Lippie Stick in the shade Cami. As soon as I saw that it was called Cami, I, of course, had to have it. It is their most matte formula and it is a pink/mauve shade. I like both the formula and the color. Highly recommend!

Find it here: Matte X Cami


From the KATHLEENLIGHTS x COLOURPOP collection I got Mr. Bing liner and the ultra-satin lip in Alyssa. The liner is a rich red/brown and I absolutely love to use it in my waterline. Also, it has the name of one of my favorite characters on Friends! I had never tried the ultra-satin lip formula, but I like the ultra-matte lip collection. Turns out, I love the ultra-satin lip even more than the matte! This shade, called Alyssa (bottom swatch), is a beautiful pink/nude, perfect for everyday wear. Kathleen and Colour Pop did a great job with this collab!

Find these here: KATHLEENLIGHTS x COLOURPOP Collection

Lastly, I got the eye liner in Swerve, which is their black shade. I’ve heard lots of people rave about this product and it certainly deserves it! Like the Mr. Bing liner, it is so creamy and easy to use. I plan on getting more of these eyeliners since I love the formula!

Find it here: Swerve Liner


What I Ate Wednesday – July 20, 2016


For breakfast I had a poppy seed bagel with low fat cream cheese spread on it. I’m very picky about my bagels and I am convinced they don’t make them right in Western NY! So, whenever my family visits, or I visit home, I pick up a dozen bagels from a little shop by my house and freeze them. That way, I can just take them out and toast them whenever I want! I also had coffee with milk and sugar and water, as well as a hard-boiled egg.


By lunch I was pretty hungry so I had a salad that I topped with mozzarella cheese. I like Greek vinaigrette dressing from Aldi. I also had pasta with pesto sauce and cashews. This might be my all-time favorite food! I had made mine the night before so I just heated up the leftovers for lunch.


By the afternoon I was feeling a little sleepy, so I made some coffee and put it in the fridge for a while to make iced coffee. During the summer I definitely prefer iced coffee in the afternoons. I mixed mine with milk and sugar again.


For dinner I had a sort of strange assortment of foods. I had been marinating chicken in spiedie sauce (my favorite chicken marinade) so I cooked that in the toaster oven. I also had macaroni salad left from a restaurant a few days ago. I didn’t feel like cooking a vegetable so I just washed a few baby carrots as a side.

I hope you enjoyed my What I Ate Wednesday! Let me know if I should continue doing these; I enjoy them!

Summer Essentials

Ah summer. Relaxing, swimming…and trying out fun beauty products! Here are a few products that I’ve found I’ve been using a lot this summer, whether for practicality or fun.


The first summer essential for me is a good self-tanner. Since it’s the summer, I feel like I can get away with using a darker color which is why I have selected the Banana Boat Deep tan. I wrote a blog post all about self-tanners!


I also like fun, bright lip colors in the summer. I’ve been loving the Maybelline lipstick in Coral Burst, the Ofra liquid lipstick in Daytona Beach, and a staple for me every year is the NYX butter glosses.

No summer makeup look is complete without a little (or a lot) highlight! In the summer I like how BECCA’s Champagne Pop looks on my more tanned skin.


I got this headband from Ron Jon’s last year and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! It’s supposed to be able to do lots of different things, but I usually just use it like a traditional headband.

In the summer I like to add pops of color to my eyes and I’ve been enjoying these fun blue/aqua shades from Colour Pop’s summer collection. I also write a blog post about these!


To finish off any look that I am doing, I always use a setting spray. The all-nighter one from Urban Decay has always been my favorite. I also use this throughout the day to touch up my makeup.

What are your summer essentials?!

DIY Sugar Scrub

Here is a simple recipe to make an exfoliating and hydrating sugar scrub that you can use on your whole body! I use brown sugar to exfoliate my skin. We all need to take the top layer of skin off every once in a while to reveal beautiful new skin underneath! I also use coconut oil to hydrate my skin. Mixing these together is a perfect combination for all skin types!

All you need is equal amounts of coconut oil and brown sugar, a re-sealable jar (like a mason jar), and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Here’s the recipe!

1 cup of Brown Sugar

1 cup of Organic Coconut Oil


2-3 drops of essential oil (I like peppermint)


I usually like to add more brown sugar than coconut oil because I prefer my scrub to be a little more scrubby.

Mix these all together as best you can. It is easier to mix when the coconut oil is in liquid form instead of solid. Once everything is mixed together, pour it into a glass jar to stick in your shower. I always have a collection of mason jars on hand in case I ever find something I need to DIY!

I try to use this scrub once or twice a week in the shower. Once I have washed my body I’ll take a handful of the scrub and begin scrubbing my body in circular motions. Then I rinse myself off to remove the brown sugar. The coconut oil won’t rinse away, but we don’t want it to since I use that as my lotion. Then I pat myself dry so I don’t wipe off the coconut oil. I use this all over my body, including my face!

Afterwards, your entire body will feel clean and moisturized, just like you should feel after a good pampering session! Enjoy!