Wet n Wild Haul

Recently I’ve been on a Wet n Wild kick. Their prices are so good and they’re an easy to find brand! I even found their products at Rite Aid for 40% off their already cheap prices. The products that I have picked up recently have been such high quality and I’ve really been impressed! Here is what I have picked up and what I have thought of the products so far.


The first item I got online on their website. It’s a contour duo that includes a contour shade and a highlight shade. I got mine in the shade Dulce de Leche. Unfortunately there are only two shade versions of the contour duo. This shade works very well on my skin tone and the powder is so fine that it is easy to blend out. I use the highlight shade to set my under eye concealer and the contour shade as a face contour. I would definitely recommend this product if you can find a shade that works for you!

Find it here: Contour Palette

I originally went into the store to get a new Maybelline FitMe concealer but I couldn’t find my shade. I still wanted a concealer so I picked up the one from Wet n Wild. It’s called their coverall concealer. The formula is very thick so if you are looking for a full coverage concealer this would be good. However, it dried so fast once I put it on my face so I had to rush to blend it in with a wet sponge. It also creased slightly throughout the day. Overall, I’m not impressed with this concealer.

Find it here: Concealer

The lipsticks were so cheap that I couldn’t resist. At Rite Aid they were 99c and then there was 40% off of that! I got mine in the shade A Short Affair and it was a silk finish lipstick. Out of all the products this was my least favorite. There was such little color payoff on my lips and hand and the product didn’t last long at all. Perhaps it would have been better with a darker shade. If you have one of these lipsticks in a darker shade, let me know!

Find it here: Lipstick

My favorite product is the Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. This is not a bronzer as the name implies, but in fact it is a highlight. It’s a subtle and understated highlight shade and I think it is BEAUTIFUL. It’s more of a gold highlight but there is no glitter and it just gives you a nice glow. I also think it could work well on lots of different skin tones since it is a buildable shade. Definitely recommend!

Find it here: Highlight


The last thing that I ordered was five brushes from the website. Only four were sent to me since one of them went out of stock. These brushes were so affordable, the most I paid for one was $2.99 and the eye brushes were only 99c! I loved all the ones that I purchased. I’ve already washed them and they don’t seem to be shedding. I plan on ordering the rest of them eventually!

Find them here: Brushes

DIY Lip Scrub

During the colder months it can be hard to keep your lips feeling soft. After a while, chapstick just doesn’t cut it. Lips need to be exfoliated as well as moisturized. Taking off the top layer of dead skin leaves the soft skin that is underneath. Your lips will feel better instantly once you exfoliate!

IMG_0512 (3)

Lush has a lip scrub that is great, but it is definitely expensive! So, I have scoured Pinterest to find some good lip scrub alternatives that are cheaper. Being Pinterest, of course I found a way to DIY a lip scrub. I’ve altered a few recipes to come up with this one and I love the way it turned out! I hope you do too!

You will need:

  • 1 tbs. honey
  • 2 tbs. sugar
  • 1 tsp. olive oil
  • 1 tsp. Vaseline
  • A few drops of red food coloring
  • Bowl
  • Container to put scrub in (I found mine on Amazon)

IMG_0516IMG_0517 (3)

I just mix all these ingredients together. Sometimes I add more sugar if I really want to exfoliate my lips. Then I put them in containers to keep for when I need it. I try to use mine a few times a week and I use it both before and after I use liquid lipstick since that can dry out my lips a lot. Enjoy!

IMG_0524 (3)

Planting Spider Plants

Plants make a great gift, especially plants that you have grown yourself! Spider plants are easy to care for (I used to kill every plant I owned and even I can’t kill a spider plant) and make a nice addition to a room. I’ve heard that you should have something living (like a plant) in every room! Spider plants grow little babies (the technical term) and once they are big enough, the babies can be repotted to make more spider plants.

When I graduated from high school, my French teacher gave everyone in the class a small potted spider plant that she had cut off her own plant. It was such a small easy gift but so thoughtful! I still have my spider plant and have potted little spider plant babies for my family and friends.


For my Mom’s birthday this year I decided to give her a small spider plant baby that my plant had been growing. I bought a pot and decided to decorate it by painting it. Here is how I did it!

IMG_0413 (4)IMG_0421Paint the pot. You may want to use a few layers of paint. I suggest waiting until the first coat dries before applying the second. I wish I had used tape to make a cleaner line on my paint but I think it turned out cute anyway!

IMG_0424Make yourself breakfast. Planting is exhausting work!

IMG_0416 (3)IMG_0429Put soil in the pot, almost until the top. If you compost, use that soil as it is rich in nutrients for the plant.

Dig a small hole. The plant baby is probably very small so a small hole will be good.

IMG_0433Cut the spider plant baby. I include about an inch of the stem too, just be sure not to hurt the spider plant baby.

IMG_0437Place it in the soil and cover.

IMG_0444 (6)Admire your thoughtful homemade gift!

Someday the plant that you gave someone might grow babies that they can give as a gift. The gift that keeps on giving! Happy planting!

Drugstore vs. High End Makeup

The age-old debate: is high end makeup actually better than drugstore makeup?                    Does a more expensive price tag make a product a better buy?

IMG_0469 (2)

There are a few things you are paying for when you buy high end makeup. You are paying for the brand, the packaging, fragrance, and (sometimes) pigmentation. These are definitely things to consider when purchasing products, but they are not the end-all-be-all.

Being a master’s student, I tend to lean more on the drugstore side of makeup. I can buy lots of products but not spend lots of money. Obviously this is the dream, especially if the quality of the product is not sacrificed. I personally think that there are lots of great products that you can find at the drugstore. Some of these products are even considered “dupes” for much more expensive makeup. You can even buy inexpensive makeup at the grocery store! Of course, not all drugstore products are great and some should be avoided, but even if you buy something awful at least you didn’t spend a huge amount of money.

IMG_0458 (4)IMG_0459 (2)

Things to look for when considering purchasing a product (drugstore or high end):

  • Formula (you may be sensitive to some ingredients, always check the label)
  • Pigmentation (this may be buildable but you’ll use the product up quicker)
  • Packaging (cheap plastic breaks easily and pumps are nice on foundation)
  • Price (duh)
  • Amount of product (a product could be cheap because you get only a little product)
  • Shade range (some product lines won’t have a shade that works for you)
  • What you already own (maybe you don’t need five different concealers, but you might want other eye shadow colors)


Now I’m not saying that I don’t own any expensive high end products. I am a sucker for Sephora and I spend too much money there at times. However, I like to be smart about my purchases of high end products. Reviews are my best friend. Watching YouTube reviews of products can be very helpful, especially if the YouTuber has similar skin/hair to you. Allure  gives reviews of both high end and drugstore products. Blogs are another place to find reviews from real people!

IMG_0467 (2)

Let me know what your favorite high end or drugstore products are. Letting each other know what works and what doesn’t, helps everyone!