Valentine’s Day Decoration DIYs

I know Valentine’s day is Friday, so I’m really cutting it close here, but I wanted to do a seasonal post! Since we only have a few days to go, I’ve chosen some simple DIYs that can be done in one sitting. Check out this roundup of some fun Valentine’s day decoration DIYs!

Valentine's day decoration DIYs

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Scrap Wood Block Decorations

LOVE scrap wood sign decorations

If you have scrap wood resting around (or know someone who does) the possibilities are endless for making decorations! You could use wooden letters like these or paint them on yourself using stencils. You can find this and a few others Valentine’s DIYs on

Valentine’s Day Tree

DIY Valentine's day decoration tree

Can’t quite let go of the Christmas spirit or your tree? Just decorate it for Valentine’s day! I kind of really love this idea and you keep it going for other holidays as well! You will probably have to have a fake Christmas tree to do this. Just add some pink and red decorations and it’s a Valentine’s tree! Find this on

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DIY Valentine Topiary Trees

DIY Valentine's day decoration Topiary Trees

All the supplies for this cute craft can be found right at the dollar store or Amazon! Gotta get that Prime! You can write different Valentine’s day themed quotes on the pots and use any red or pink decoration-type stuff you like! Find this craft on

Valentine’s Day Burlap Heart

DIY Valentine's day decoration burlap heart

I know this looks complicated (I thought so too at first), but it is made with pretty simple things! I found these cute monograms on Amazon. All you have to do is order your own letter! This Valentine’s day decoration DIY is from

DIY Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

DIY Valentine's day decoration toilet paper roll wreath

Now this is something I KNOW you have at home – empty toilet paper rolls! Just some shaping and glueing and you’ve made yourself a Valentine’s wreath! I love this simple DIY from

Valentine's day decoration DIYs

Do you guys know any more easy Valentine’s day decoration DIYs to add to this list? Leave links and ideas in the comments! I love any and all ideas from others! if you’re looking for ideas of what to do on Valentine’s day, check out my post on dates you can do at home (or some outside in the winter)! Make sure to subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss any great content (and you get email bonuses!).

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  1. I cannot believe Valentine’s Day is already this week! time has surely flown by this year! Thank you, for sharing our tree. Much appreciated.

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