Valentine’s Day Date Ideas To Do At Home

Valentine’s day is coming up this Thursday! If you’re still looking for fun and affordable date ideas (we still have nothing planned…this post is for me too) then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 6 fun things you can do right at home on Valentine’s day this year.

Cute rock people where the boy is giving the girl a heart.

1. Make a new meal together at home

My favorite part about home date ideas is that it’s totally acceptable to wear your pajamas. Look up a new recipe online (there are so many food blogs and Pinterest boards), have the ingredients ready, and make a fun dinner together. It’s always more fun and easier to cook together and trying a new recipe will make it even more special. Plus, maybe it’ll turn into a favorite meal that you make often!

2. Take a walk

So simple, but yet so nice for any relationship! Since Valentine’s falls on a weekday this year, it’s likely that you’ll only get a few hours to spend together, not a whole day. Bundle up if you live where it’s cold like me and head out for a walk around your neighborhood. It’ll be nice to get out of the house and if you have pets it’s great for them too!

Hot chocolate and cookies to eat while relaxing and watching a movie.

3. Find a movie on Netflix or at the library

Instead of going to the movies or renting a movie and having to pay money, find a movie that both of you have been wanting to see and watch it on Netflix or borrow it from your local library! Make some popcorn and hot chocolate and you’re ready!

4. Play a game together

My boyfriend is super into video games (such a boy thing!) while I’d rather play board games. Why not do both on Valentine’s day? Spend some time playing a video game together and then pick a two-person board or card game to play. A little competition is always fun!

Coloring together.

5. Start a project

I’m sure there is something around the house that you’ve been meaning to do. A plant that needs repotting, a cabinet to organize, a dog to bathe. Or maybe you just want to do something crafty! I got this idea from those paint and sip classes, but then I realized that you can do this at home for free and in your pajamas (I’m really into dates in my pajamas clearly). The ideas for a project are endless, but make sure to find something you would both enjoy doing.

6. Lose yourself on the internet

This may seem silly, but a lot of the great times I’ve had with my boyfriend are watching funny videos online. Especially pet ones. You can truly spend hours doing this, but as long as you’re together and you’re enjoying it, you’re not wasting time!

Gift exchange on Valentine's day.

What are your plans for Valentine’s day this year?

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  1. My husband and I have so many inside jokes from our favorite internet videos that we watch on repeat. Spending time together relaxing is so important!

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