9 Must Have Summer Beauty Products

It is finally starting to feel like summer! I don’t know about you, but we still had a few light snows in May, so summer has only been a recent thing. Whether you do a full face of makeup every day, or you go a lot lighter in the heat, here are some must-have summer beauty products.

9 must have summer beauty products

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Must Have Summer Skin Care

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Even though your face might not be as dry as it is in winter (see a post on dry skin here), it’s still important to keep a skin care routine that keeps your face clean, fresh, and hydrated. Some products I recommend are:

Neutrogena Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

This is for removing waterproof mascara (see below for my recommendation) which is essential for summer lashes. This is gentle enough that you don’t have to scrub at your eyes.

L’Oreal Hydrafresh Toner

I use this on my face morning and night after I’ve washed my face, but before any moisturizer. It feels so refreshing! Sometimes I use this throughout the day (if I don’t have foundation on) to cool and refresh my face.

Conair Face Brush

This is something that’s new to my skin care routine and I’m loving it! I use it after washing off my makeup with a cleanser and washcloth. So basically I wash my face completely a second time to make sure it’s squeaky clean!

Charcoal Mask

Since we have to wear face masks when we leave the house, I’ve started to develop maskne (or mask acne) around my chin and cheeks. Probably I should wash my mask more often. Or I like to use charcoal masks which are great at purifying and removing gunk! Make sure you follow the directions as charcoal masks can be a bit harsh.

Must Have Summer Makeup

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Disclaimer: The following products are good for when your face is not completely submerged in water (like in the ocean or pool). They’re good for sweaty, hot days, or days when your allergies are ruining everything. Stay tuned for a post on waterproof makeup. I am testing a few products right now!

Garnier SkinActive BB Cream

This has been a favorite of mine for years. I especially love it in the summer because it’s lighter than foundation but still covers up skin imperfections (looking at you again maskne!). It’s easy enough to apply with your fingers, but I use a damp beauty sponge since that’s faster for me.

BareMinerals Illuminating Mineral Veil Powder

This illuminating powder is perfect for setting your face in the summer because it has a bit of shine to it. Not so much as a highlight, but just enough to give you a glowy look.

Benefit Ka-Brow! Brow Pomade

I prefer brow pomade in the summer because it is waterproof (which means pool and sweat proof). Gotta put those brows on even for a beach day!

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara

Summer is the time for waterproof mascara and this is one of my favorites – waterproof or not. You will need a specific eye makeup remover for this, though (see above for my recommendation).

Wet n Wild Photofocus Cucumber Primer Water

I am stocking up on this for summer! It’s perfect for both priming your face and setting it as well. Plus it smells like cucumber and it’s very inexpensive. I only wish it came in a larger bottle.

9 must have summer beauty products

What are your must-have beauty products to wear on long, hot summer days? Add your suggestions in the comments!

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