40 Winter Date Ideas

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Well it snowed here today. Whether we like it or not we are rapidly approaching the long, cold winter months. It can be hard to get out in the winter, and as a result, we go out and do less romantic things with our partners. I’ve created a list of easy winter date ideas so you can get out there – even in the winter!

40 winter date ideas

Outdoor Date Ideas

If you’re a person who enjoys the cold (or at least can handle it), here are some ideas for outdoor dates!

  1. Go sledding or tubing
  2. Learn to ski or snowboard together
  3. Build a snowman
  4. Go for a hike (just wear your boots!)
  5. Build a cozy fire outside
  6. Find a recreational outdoor sport (we have winter kickball in our area)
  7. Help a neighbor by shoveling together
  8. Go ice skating
  9. See an ice sculpture
  10. Drive around and look at lights (my personal favorite!)
  11. Learn to snowshoe
  12. Go window shopping, especially in a small town
  13. Go to a football game
  14. Take some photos outside
  15. Have a snowball fight
  16. Find a Christmas tree
  17. Go to the zoo
  18. Go to a winery or brewery (not technically outside, but you have to leave your house)
  19. Find a winter festival
  20. Bundle up, cuddle up, sit outside, and watch the snow
 date ideas with candlelit table

Indoor Date Ideas

If you’d rather stay inside where it’s warm, I totally understand. Here are some date ideas for you!

  1. Dinner/lunch/breakfast date
  2. Join a book club
  3. Lasertron (or some other indoor sport)
  4. Movie marathon
  5. Cook something for each other
  6. Go to a movie or play
  7. Have a wine and cheese night (Find a great wine club here)
  8. Invite friends over for a game night
  9. Find a craft or DIY to do
  10. Try a food subscription service (This is sustainable one!)
  11. Go for a manicure or pedicure (yes guys can do this too!)
  12. Throw a holiday party
  13. Turn your TV to the fireplace channel
  14. Trivia night at a local bar
  15. Take a cooking class
  16. Go to a hockey game (it will still be cold, though)
  17. See a concert
  18. Visit a museum
  19. Have a spa night
  20. Go rollerskating

I’ve created a free list with all of my ideas on it. Print it, and hang it on your fridge for when you need date ideas! Get it HERE!

40 winter date ideas with food

So, those are my 40 ideas for a winter date night- 20 for outdoor, 20 for indoor. I hope you can find a date that interests you! Can you think of any other winter date ideas to add to the list?

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