The Ultimate Guide to Cozy Christmas Candles

If you’re anything like me, you always have at least one candle burning on winter evenings. I have quite the collection of candles, but these are my favorite candles during the Christmas season.



I LOVE Target candles. They are affordable ($5 for small, $10 for medium, and $15 for huge) and they burn all the way to the end of the wax. I get so annoyed when there is still wax on the side of the jar and the wick is gone.

Merry and Bright: Target’s website describes this scent as “wine and spice.” I love this warm scent that just reminds me of cooking in a warm house during the Christmas season.

Sleigh Ride: I couldn’t find this candle on the website, I think it was a candle that was available last year. I found a similar one called “Cozy Nights.” This scent is lighter than Merry and Bright with a little bit of peppermint in it.

Nordic Pine: This was also a candle that was only available last year (sorry!) but it is similar to the next candle on this list, Fresh Balsam.


These two candles were on sale in the seasonal aisles of my local Wegmans. I couldn’t find them on the website. I guess I should have checked out these candles before I wrote a post!

Fresh Balsam: Almost every candle brand has this type of scent. It smells like the dream Christmas tree. We have a fake tree so I love lighting this and pretending ours is real!

Twisted Peppermint: This is another popular candle scent during the winter, and for a good reason. It is a little strange because I usually associate peppermint with a cool scent, but obviously this is a warm peppermint scent. Burning this one and the Fresh Balsam candle at the same time is the best combination!

What are your favorite Christmas candles?


10 Winter Essentials

Since I’m in the winter mood (snow day please?) I thought I’d post my top 10 winter essentials. These are things that I use almost every single day during the winter to keep cozy. Enjoy!

  1. A Heated Blanket/Pad – Every night before I go to bed, I turn on my heated blanket on my bed so that when I crawl in it’s already warmed up for me. I hate getting into a cold bed so this is perfect! I also have a heating pad that I use on my lap in the living room.
  2. Candles – Lighting candles in the evening is so relaxing for me. I love the way they look and smell! I’ve found that the best candles for their price can be found at Target.
  3. Mini Heater – I love taking baths in the winter, but my bathroom isn’t heated and I used to freeze in the tub. Now I have a mini heater to use when I take baths to heat up the bathroom. It’s tiny, but definitely heats up the whole bathroom!
  4. Tea – In the winter, I usually drink at least one cup of tea a day. During the day I prefer teas like green tea and earl grey tea. At night, I’ll wind down with a cup of sleepytime peach tea.
  5. Pajamas – I love pajamas. Seriously, I am obsessed. I asked everyone to get me pajamas for Christmas and now I have so many cozy winter pajamas. Sometimes, I even put them on as soon as I get home from work!
  6. Body Butter – My skin gets so dry in the winter. I try to apply body butter or lotion to my entire body after every shower. Bonus if it’s a relaxing scent!
  7. Chapstick – I have a tube of chapstick with me pretty much at all times. At night for an added boost of moisture for my lips I’ll apply vaseline instead of chapstick.
  8. Boots – I have a lot of boots. Short boots, tall boots, boots for snow, boots for rain, boots when I’m feeling lazy. Boots are a staple for my entire winter wardrobe.
  9. Slippers – I wear slippers all the time when I am at home. My feet are super cold all the time and slippers really help! My mom actually knitted the pair I am currently wearing.
  10. House Plants – Looking outside and seeing brown grass and/or snow can be quite the downer during winter. I keep a few house plants just so that I have something green to look at once in a while. Some of them I even keep alive!

What are your winter essentials?

Winter Makeup

With Winter in full swing (although we really have not gotten much snow) I thought I’d share the makeup that I wear on a daily basis during the winter. As a teacher, I have to get up pretty early in the morning and get out the door on time. That being said, I will snooze my alarm clock until the very last minute (don’t we all) and I am usually in a rush when it comes to applying makeup. Since this is a problem every single day, I end up wearing the same makeup look every day. It’s very simple and I can do it in about 10 minutes!

The first thing I apply is this Argan oil from Physician’s Formula. It has a little glitter in it and I love the way it moisturizes my face before I apply the rest of my makeup. I will also prime my face with the Makeup For Ever smoothing primer. I have used this for a long time and I have found its the best primer for blurring the pores around my nose.

For foundation I have been loving the e.l.f. oil free spf 15 foundation in porcelain. I use foundation every day, but of course you can always skip this part. This foundation has a pump and a medium coverage. For me, its perfect for every day! I also use the e.l.f. concealer in fair. I like this concealer, but it comes in such a tiny bottle!


To set both my under eye area and my whole face I use the RCMA no color powder. This is still my all-time favorite powder!


Next, I fill in my eyebrows. To me, this should be the easiest quickest step so I use the Anastasia dipbrow pomade in taupe to quickly fill in my eyebrows. Not going to lie, I’m pretty sloppy about filling them in so most days my eyebrows are definitely sisters and not twins!

To finish up my face, I bronze up with Benefit’s hoola bronzer. With my skin being so pale, this color works nicely if I just apply a very light amount. I put on Wet n’ Wild’s blush in mellow wine and I dust their blush in rose champagne over my cheekbones for a subtle highlight. I love Wet n’ Wild’s blushes – so many colors and so affordable!


For mascara (an everyday must for me) I coat my lashes in Benefit Roller Lash. This is the best mascara of ALL TIME! Seriously, favorite mascara ever. Plus, right now I’m using a mini bottle and it’s just too cute.


Last but not least, I apply NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in Soft Spoken. This is the perfect lip for every day. It’s not too nude but it’s not too bold for everyday wear. It applies so nicely and lasts a really long time!

And that’s it for my everyday makeup essentials! This might seem like a lot of products to some, but this is really what I use everyday, and I can do it quickly. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some new products that will become your new essentials!