Everyday Winter Makeup

Winter can be a hard time to feel inspired by makeup. Your face is dry (at least in the cold where I live) and it’s so dark in the morning when I wake up, it’s a pain to find enough light to even do my makeup in. So, over the past few weeks, I’ve found a routine that works for me on cold winter mornings. This is the look I wear every weekday. Here is my everyday winter makeup look!

Everyday winter makeup

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Camille wearing her everyday winter makeup

Winter Face Makeup

Although I didn’t include it in the picture, moisturizer is essential to put on first! I do this right after I wash my face in the morning so it has time to set into my skin. Then, this is the order in which I put my makeup on.


First on my face is primer and II usually look for a primer that fills in my pores, but there are primers for everything! I use the e.l.f. poreless putty primer. I apply this only where I need my pores to be filled in, not my whole face.


The foundation that I’ve been using about is the Physicians Formula organic wear silk foundation elixir. I’ve given a full review on this product in a previous post. I put this all over my face just using my (clean) hands, then blend it in with a damp beauty sponge.


I’ve only recently started wearing liquid concealer – I used to wear Bare Minerals powder concealer. So, the concealer I’m using is an e.l.f. concealer. I’m not totally in love with it and I wish it had more coverage, but I want to finish this bottle first.


I always use powder to set my whole face. I’m not oily in the beginning of the day, but by the end of work, I’m definitely looking and feeling a little too glowy. I’ve been using Pretty Vulgar powder “Matte About It.” I set under my eyes with a beauty sponge, and then the rest of my face with a brush.

Makeup face products


In the winter I try to go with a matte, cool-toned bronzer for my fair skin. I use MAC mineralize blush in “Cosmic Force” as both a contour and bronzer. Yes this is technically a blush color, but I use it for bronzer.


I go back and forth between shimmery and matte blushes in the winter. Currently, I’m using a shimmery blush from Laura Geller in “Baked Blush-N-Brighten.”


Gotta always have that highlight on – even in the winter. One of my favorite highlighters ever is Wet n Wild Highlighting powder in “Precious Petals.” This is a perfect everyday highlight!

Makeup products displayed

Winter Eye Makeup

Eyebrow Gel

I’m currently using Chella “Tantalizing Taupe” eyebrow cream. This product seems never ending! I want to finish this tube before I get a new one, but I feel like I’ve had this forever! That being said, I do enjoy this and it is quick and easy.


I have so many eyeshadow palettes. I try to rotate through them and pick a new one to use each week. This week, I have opted for Makeup Revolution “Golden Bar” palette. This palette is mostly shimmer shades, but there are a few matte crease shades too.


I used to never wear eyeliner, and just throw on mascara at this point, but now I’m loving the eyeliner look. I use NYX Epic Ink Liner to just do a thin line on my upper lid. Sometimes I’ll do a small wing.


Last, (but definitely my favorite part) I put on Mary Kay lash love lengthening mascara. This really pulls the whole look together!

Everyday winter makeup

If I remember, I’ll spray a setting mist over my face, but honestly I forget to do this most days. At this point in the morning I’m almost late, so I need to get going! What are your everyday winter makeup must-haves? Share in the comments!

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