Bloggers I’ve Been Loving

As a blogger myself, I am obviously interested in reading blogs – that’s why I started my own! I’ve been reading various blogs for years – some from well-known people (like Lauren Conrad) and others from smaller bloggers like myself. I’m always trying to help other bloggers by promoting their blogs and posts, so I thought this would be a great way to do that! These are blogs that I read all the time and am subscribed to. Here are some bloggers I’ve been loving!

Bloggers I've Been Loving

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Susan Branch

Susan Branch is the most lovely, homey writer to read. I first found her by reading her book “A Fine Romance” and I loved it so much. I found out that she has a blog of updates from her life (she travels often) to creative ideas. She doesn’t post often – maybe once or twice a month. However, when she does post they are long and perfect to sit and read with a glass of wine!

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Zoe Sugg was one of the first YouTubers I watched. Her YouTube led me to her blog, which became one of the first blogs I would ever read! Now, her blog is run by her management team so they post fairly frequently – about once a week. They post tons of lifestyle and beauty content that is usually geared for young adult women and is seasonal.

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Ell Duclos

Ell is an amazing blogger who blogs about blogging. Her posts are so helpful and I often find myself reading her blog to help me with my own blog. She also has lifestyle posts about relationships, etc. She has a Pinterest course that is very informative and I definitely recommend taking if you are a blogger!

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Camille Styles

I’ll totally admit it, part of the reason I love this blogger is that she has the same name as me! I came across Camille on bloglovin’ and she (or her team) posts often, usually every day. She has a blog similar to mine in that she writes about a lot of lifestyle content – food, style, design, travel, wellness, etc. If you’re looking for a blogger who posts often, Camille is the one for you!

Bloggers I've Been Loving

I’m sure this is a post I’ll keep updating by adding to or writing a completely new posts about bloggers I’m loving! Check out a post I wrote a while ago and tips and tricks for small bloggers. Who are some bloggers that you are currently loving? Leave links in the comments so we can check them out! Don’t forget to join my email list to receive any and all new information from me!

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