DIY Sugar Scrub

Here is a simple recipe to make an exfoliating and hydrating sugar scrub that you can use on your whole body! I use brown sugar to exfoliate my skin. We all need to take the top layer of skin off every once in a while to reveal beautiful new skin underneath! I also use coconut oil to hydrate my skin. Mixing these together is a perfect combination for all skin types!

All you need is equal amounts of coconut oil and brown sugar, a re-sealable jar (like a mason jar), and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Here’s the recipe!

1 cup of Brown Sugar

1 cup of Organic Coconut Oil


2-3 drops of essential oil (I like peppermint)


I usually like to add more brown sugar than coconut oil because I prefer my scrub to be a little more scrubby.

Mix these all together as best you can. It is easier to mix when the coconut oil is in liquid form instead of solid. Once everything is mixed together, pour it into a glass jar to stick in your shower. I always have a collection of mason jars on hand in case I ever find something I need to DIY!

I try to use this scrub once or twice a week in the shower. Once I have washed my body I’ll take a handful of the scrub and begin scrubbing my body in circular motions. Then I rinse myself off to remove the brown sugar. The coconut oil won’t rinse away, but we don’t want it to since I use that as my lotion. Then I pat myself dry so I don’t wipe off the coconut oil. I use this all over my body, including my face!

Afterwards, your entire body will feel clean and moisturized, just like you should feel after a good pampering session! Enjoy!

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