Summer Essentials

Ah summer. Relaxing, swimming…and trying out fun beauty products! Here are a few products that I’ve found I’ve been using a lot this summer, whether for practicality or fun.


The first summer essential for me is a good self-tanner. Since it’s the summer, I feel like I can get away with using a darker color which is why I have selected the Banana Boat Deep tan. I wrote a blog post all about self-tanners!


I also like fun, bright lip colors in the summer. I’ve been loving the Maybelline lipstick in Coral Burst, the Ofra liquid lipstick in Daytona Beach, and a staple for me every year is the NYX butter glosses.

No summer makeup look is complete without a little (or a lot) highlight! In the summer I like how BECCA’s Champagne Pop looks on my more tanned skin.


I got this headband from Ron Jon’s last year and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! It’s supposed to be able to do lots of different things, but I usually just use it like a traditional headband.

In the summer I like to add pops of color to my eyes and I’ve been enjoying these fun blue/aqua shades from Colour Pop’s summer collection. I also write a blog post about these!


To finish off any look that I am doing, I always use a setting spray. The all-nighter one from Urban Decay has always been my favorite. I also use this throughout the day to touch up my makeup.

What are your summer essentials?!

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