How I Unwind

Making time to relax and unwind is important for everyone. Now that I’m on summer vacation, I have lots of time to relax, but it is also important to make time for this when work and life is crazy!

I’ve compiled a list of ideas and things that I do to relax. I’ve tried to include things from all seasons, but a lot of my ideas are still summer and good-weather related. Please use these ideas for yourself!

While I love working on my blog and getting myself prepared for school, I find that because I am working from home, I can’t leave my place of work and separate myself from it. Because of this, I have decided that my “work day” ends around 4:00 pm. I shut off my computer, check my email less, and sit and relax on the couch. I strongly recommend picking a time to be done with work if you also work from home. There are a number of activities that I then choose from to help myself relax and unwind!

  • Read a book – I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series, and yes its just as good the hundredth time.
  • Watch a movie – since movies are longer than tv shows, I prefer this when I am relaxing, but a tv show would suffice!
  • Watch your favorite YouTubers – especially check out my channel!
  • Have a glass of wine – chilled white wine is especially perfect for summer.
  • Sit outside on your lawn or porch – put your feet up and just enjoy!
  • Use a face mask – do this while reading outside!
  • Draw or color – I love the adult coloring books.
  • Write in a journal – I especially like to make “done” lists, things I’ve accomplished that day.
  • Take a walk – I am dog sitting right now and I find it so relaxing to just walk around with him for a while.
  • Take a shower or bath – a bath is clearly ideal but I only have a shower in my apartment.
  • Listen to music – even if you wouldn’t consider it relaxing music.

Of course, there are lots of different ways for different people to relax and this is just a short list of ideas. Please leave more in the comments so everyone can relax and unwind!

Memorial Weekend 2016

For this Memorial Day holiday I went home to visit my family. I had five days off from work since we had so many snow days to make up (yay for being a teacher!). So, I took the train home (which I hate) to see my family (which I love).


For the first few days I hung out at home, relaxed, went shopping with my sister, and took a walk with my family. My dad even made mashed potatoes for me!

On Sunday, I raced 15 miles in a canoe with my partner Sara. I have raced every Memorial Day for the past twelve years! I enjoy canoeing very much, although I am very sore now. I was on a girl scout canoe team when I was younger, but now I race in the adult races. These races are held every year in Bainbridge, NY (General Clinton Canoe Regatta) check them out if you can! On Monday of every Memorial weekend there is a 70 mile race, which I competed in two years ago.


I hope you enjoy these pictures of my relaxing (and then very exhausting) Memorial Day weekend!