What I Ate Wednesday – January 3, 2018

Disclaimer: Not everyone eats perfectly healthy for all meals every day. This was not my healthiest day…Oh well! I don’t have an excuse other than laziness – love me anyway!



I have been loving these Belvita blueberry breakfast cracker things. I’m not usually too hungry for breakfast at 6:00 am so I just need something quick and easy. These taste like crunchy blueberry muffins and they’re delicious! I also had a cup of coffee with a little sugar and almond milk.



Here’s where the unhealthy bit comes in – leftover pizza for lunch. We ordered in from Salvatore’s – a local pizza place near us. I had two pieces warmed up and my favorite potato chips – New York Chips. I just needed something quick to make for lunch at work and I’ll stop defending myself now!


I totally forgot to take a picture of my dinner once it was made! I had pasta with a sauce of olive oil, garlic, oregano, parsley, and shrimp. Definitely one of my favorite dinners!

What did you eat this week?

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